Rock Climbing Wall

Take our Rock Climbing Challenge and win!

Rock Climbing for Kids

Can you make it across our 40-foot long wall without touching the ground?  
Come take the In Play Climbing Challenge! Ring the bell when (if!) you make it to the end and win 200 tickets!

All climbers must have an In Play team member present the first time that they climb. This allows our team to explain the rules for safe climbing as well as to be present for the Climbing Challenge!

Our rock climbing wall is meant to be a fun activity, an introduction to rock climbing. The wall is wide versus high, so kids can feel comfortable climbing across. They are not harnessed in, and can hop off the wall any time that they feel uncomfortable. Protective mats line the floor below to ensure a safe landing. Parents are welcome to walk along their kids to provide emotional and physical support if needed.

Indoor Rock Climbing

If your kids are little monkeys climbing everything at home, this is a great activity for them. Every child is unique, so we trust your judgment in deciding if you child is ready to climb with us.

Rock Climbing is an unlimited activity so you can climb all you like!  Hey, we want to wear you out.

Please note that socks are required for all rock climbers. Shoes are not permitted on the rock climbing wall or the mats.

*Rock Climbing is only available at the Newmarket location. 

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